Below are writings from me regarding some of the different thoughts and ideas that a performer, conductor or teacher may have.

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For Clarinet and Tape

This post aims to offer an insight into the preparation of this piece of music. When researching it myself, I found it very difficult to find people who had played it before to ask their advice. So here are my experiences intended to aid anyone else who plays it.  It has long been an ambition … Continue reading For Clarinet and Tape

ClarinetFest, Madrid

Spending a week in Madrid at ClarinetFest was a blast. It was great to meet many new players and hear them perform. It was also my first time to meet and sit with Morrie since I received my MoBa’s – with some quality control by Riccardo !! The importance of getting to these types of conferences can … Continue reading ClarinetFest, Madrid

Border Music Camp

It’s a highlight of the year for students and staff alike – I don’t know of a better experience for any young musician than a cold week of winter spent in Albury at Border Music Camp. I know first hand at just why this organisation works so well because I was a student there for … Continue reading Border Music Camp

New York Counterpoint

I don’t remember specifically when I first discovered Steve Reich’s ‘New York Counterpoint’ but it has been one of the most influential pieces of music for me during my time at MCM and for my clarinet playing in general.