Border Music Camp

It’s a highlight of the year for students and staff alike – I don’t know of a better experience for any young musician than a cold week of winter spent in Albury at Border Music Camp. I know first hand at just why this organisation works so well because I was a student there for three consecutive years during school and have returned five times as a tutor since then.

There is nowhere else where you, as a student, can spend a whole week surrounded by and immersed in music making and finish, proudly, with a fantastic performance under your belt. BMC is total immersion; you forget the troubles you may have waiting for you back home; your brain revolves only around music; and most importantly, you get to spend it with your own type of people – people who need music to think*

The best part about returning as a tutor is that although your colleagues change, all of the above remains true. There is no better bunch of people who are just as excited about music and education to spend time with. As an exercise in professional development, it is worth every second.

*paraphrased from Ken Robinson