Lesson times are now available, but only a small amount of places exist at the moment. Please contact me with any enquiries, as I am more than happy to help out in any way possible. 

Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons

Lessons can be conducted in studio, or online via zoom. Recommended lesson lengths are 45 or 60 minutes.

Update August 2021:
All lessons are being conducted exclusively online whilst Victorian Government COVID restrictions are in place

Conducting – Workshops – Masterclasses

Current Sessions Available:

  • Ensemble Guest Conducting
  • Clarinet / Woodwind Masterclass
  • Conducting 101 for Ensembles: How Movement Changes Sound!
  • Write It, Record It: Recording Basics To Create Your Masterpiece
  • Intonation: What It Means To Play In Tune
  • Redefining Warm-Up: Creating Better Ensembles From The Beginning
  • Somewhere Over The Barline: A toolkit for teaching musical expression